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How to avoid having your warehouse disorganized
07 de Junio, 2019
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    Many companies can't keep their warehouses organized and it's more common than you might think. There are many unnecessary mistakes, such as stockouts, materials that are unlikely to be used, low productivity and lack of communication between staff.

    To avoid these mistakes, here are a few suggestions to organize your warehouse and optimize the operations of your company.

    Organize your merchandise

    Divide the warehouse by product categories and merchandise rotation. In order to avoid unnecessary movements and travel, stock with more rotation must be stored near pickup locations. Meanwhile, products with less rotation should be in more peripheral areas.

    In addition, remember that in the product division, weight, size and packaging must be taken into account. This will facilitate storage solutions and their handling.

    Location by product reference

    Avoid placing the same products in different locations because it will only create unnecessary confusion. Thus, will be created work routines and all employees will be able to find products with a specific reference number. If theere is no possiblity to place them in one place, due to the large number of products, use a visual management system.

    Warehouse layout

    This point relates to the flexibility of your warehouse, that is the locations of the products should be easily changed. In addition, there must be a [espaço de reserva aqui é considerar more space for spare parts? porque está ligado a frase de baixo então se calhar é mais more space available/free?]. This is very important for the handling of machines and stock reserve.

    Operational control

    To make operational control work, you need to know the performance indicators, assignment of responsibilities and simplification of labor processes. Thus, the logistics flow will be under control.

    Error control

    By managing errors, you'll have control over product locations, potential location errors, out of stock products, and more. Basically, this point helps you prevent any errors and fix them quickly and easily once they arise.                          

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