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Need handling and lifting equipment?
17 de Junio, 2019
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    When a company works with heavy loads, lifting equipment is a good help! For Demand offers several solutions that help you decide which equipment is best for your business, from pallet trucks to work platforms.

    Pallet trucks

    We have a wide range of different pallet trucks: manual, electric, scissor and with scale.  

    Hand pallet trucks include accessories such as tandem bearings, polyurethane bearings, rubber guide wheels and manual brake. They have 1 year warranty. We also have stainless steel hand pallet trucks, ideal for environments that require high hygiene standards, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

    If you prefer electric pallet trucks, you can count on a solid and secure structure, as the forks, shackles and connecting mechanisms are made of reinforced steel. High-lift trucks are useful not only for supporting functions, but also for supplying materials on assembly and production lines.

    Scale pallet trucks are perfect for when you need to weigh the load logistically. In addition, they have the function of weighing net and gross weight.


    You can count on a wide range of manual to semi-electric and electric stackers. You can still find self-loading stackers whose battery can be charged while the vehicle is in motion. They are very resistant machines with high lifting capacity. Click here to watch the self-loading stacker video.

    Lift tables

    Lift tables are indispensable in work sequences and logistics processes. In addition, they offer ergonomics in warehouse and workshop work.

    Hand trucks

    Hand trucks are perfect for carrying packages, lots of documents and heavy goods. They make it a lot easier when the loads are heavy. In addition, there are hand trucks for stairs, gas bottles, drums and chairs.

    Picking trolleys

    Picking trolleys are perfect for the safe transportation and storage of goods.

    Access safety platform

    Robustly built, work platforms ensure worker safety when repairs and maintenance are required.


    Transport trolleys

    You can find many different models of transport cars and choose the ones that best suit your business. Collapsible trolleys for panels, platform trolleys, box trolleys, retaining trolleys, steps, trolleys and more!

    Roll containers
    Roll containers are ideal for transporting goods that require greater security, as well as facilitating the transport of products to stores.

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